Past Lab Members

Research Scientists

- Amanda Macedo (2015-2021) . Publications

Current position: Scientist II at Horizon

Postdoctoral Fellows

- Rachel Resop (2017-2022) . Publications

Current position: Global Health Research Fellow. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA. University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia

Graduate Students

- Indra Sarabia (2016-2021) - PhD Dissertation tittle “In vitro tools to study the establishment of HIV-1 latency and evaluate latency reversing agents for HIV-1 cure strategies” - Supported by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of the National Institutes of Health under Award Number F31AI147814. Publications

Current position: Senior Research Scientist at The Janssen Pharmaceutical

Master Students

- Paula Moszczynski (2017-2021) - MS Dissertation title "Evaluation of STAT-activator HODHBt in Modulating HIV-1 Infection of Human Interleukin-34 and Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor-1 Differentiated Macrophages"

Current position: Clinical at Vanda Pharmaceuticals

Lab Technicians

  • Eric Sorensen (Lab Technician). Current position: Medical student at the University of Utah. 
  • Ryan Durga (Lab Associate). Current position: Program Examiner at Executive Office of the President
  • Pingtao Tang (Research Associate)

Medical Students

  • Kurt Rodriguez  (METEOR Fellowship Program)
  • Thomas Zaikos (HIVMA Medical Students Program Award). Current position: Anatomic Pathology and Neuropathology trainee at Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • Peter Shahid (W.T. Gill Fellowship Program)
  • Usman Asif (W.T. Gill Fellowship Program)

Undergraduate Students

  • Isabella Pereira-Tosado (GW Summer Program Advancing Research on Cancer, GW-SPARC)
  • Esteban Rivera (GW Summer Program Advancing Research on Cancer, GW-SPARC)
  • Maia Pappadakis (Marymount University Internship)
  • Daniel Newman (Research Undergraduate student)
  • Richard Ryngel (Research Undergraduate student)
  • George Fragoulias (Research Undergraduate student)
  • Amanda Rodriguez (Research Undergraduate student)
  • Bailey Hoglin (Research Undergraduate student)
  • Joshua Smith-Sreen (BU Santander Sophomore Internship Program)
  • Francis Mele (GW Summer Program Advancing Research on Cancer, GW-SPARC)
  • Adriana Hernandez (GW Summer Program Advancing Research on Cancer, GW-SPARC)
  • Caroline M. Assis (University of Utah, Brazil Scientific Mobility Program)
  • Linda Maranto (University of Utah, Research Undergraduate student)

Highschool Students

  • Marie Abongwa (DCCFAR Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Pipeline Initiative, CDEIPI)
  • Madelyn Cook (Summer Internship)
  • Isabel Wang (Summer Internship)